1. Automatic Roller ConveyorInput conveyor)

Conveyor (Buffering Function) Between Strapping Machine and Robot Arm

1). Size: L2400*W1200*H700

2). Roller Conveyor: 1100W*2400L

3). Roller Spec: DiameterØ50 mm, Thickness 1.5-2 mm, Stainless steel

4). Power: 0.4 KW

5). Speed: 0-36 M/min. (Frequency Control)

6). Motor/Reduction Gears: Motor Brand:JSCC

7). Frequency Inverter: SIEMENS

8). Load:  300 KG/M2

9). Driving Way: Friction Driving

10). Installation Height: ±200mm

  1. Heavy-Load Roller Conveyor

1). Size: 2050L*1300W *350H

2). Roller Conveyor: 1200W*2050L

3). Roller Spec: diameter Ø89 mm; thickness: 3 mm

4). Roller Power: 0.75 KW

5). Roller Speed: 18-24 M/min. Frequency Control

6). Motor/Reduction Gears: JSCC

7). Inverter : SIEMENS

8). Driven Way: Dual chain wheel driven

9). Load: 1200 KG/M2

10). Installation Height: ±50mm

3 .Bundles Lift Device

It can separate the bundles, locate, and realize the double stacking pallets in order for Robot arm gripping. Servo Motor adopted for high-speed cartons squaring and positioning.

1). Size: 1500W*2000L*1185H

2). Servo Motor: 0.4 KW, 3000RPM (Panasonic)

3). Motor: 0.75KW, 1400RPN (JSCC)

4). Speed: 0-90 M/min. (Frequency Control)

5). Motor/Reduction Gears: Panasonic/ JSCC

6). Frequency Inverter: Siemens

7). Air Cylinder: ARTIC

8). Load: 300 KG

  1. Robot Arm: Model :Kawasaki CP180L

1). Jig grab way: Servo Motor Control the Splint close to grab.

2). Inside of the Splint assembled with oblique grass PVC conveying belt, increase the touch friction, to avoid the falling when grab.

3). Safety guard bar and switch off set at outside of the working area to protect the operator’s safety, security triggered, it stops running immediately.

4). Optimized grab route and shorten grab moving time.

5). When moving, it automatically circular arc turn around, avoid mechanical joint vibration, increase the grab stability.

6). Photoelectric detect grab falling, automatically alarming and stop working when falling.

7). High Precision Mobile Positioning, Grabbing and positioning ±0.5mm

8). Servo Motor: Panasonic

9). Base Height: 1500mm

Robot gripper

1). It is mainly composed of driving motor, synchronous wheel belt,

silver slide rail, clamping plate, elastic rubber anti-slip pad and sensor.

2). The robot gripper system is driven by servo motor, and the opening

and clamping action are guaranteed by the silver slide rail and the synchronization belt.

3). The clamping board on both sides is in synchronous relative motion, and the driving servo motor is 1.5KW, which can meet the grasping of different sizes cardboard.

  1. Automatic Pallet Inserter

The device is used for storing the pallets and automatically push and convey the pallets.

1). Size: 2300L* 1400W* 2350H (mm)

2). Max. Pallet spec.: 1400L* 1200W* 150H (mm)

3). Min. Pallet Spec.: 1200L*1000W* 150H (mm)

4). Pallet types: Wood or Plastic Bottom flat Pallet

5). Pallet Changing Time: 12 Seconds

6). Pallet Store height: 1500H (mm)

7). Pallet Position Precision: ±5mm

8). Max. Load :1000 KG/m2


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