Intelligent Visual Counting Machine Features


  1. The machine is highly automated design, the use of high-precision servo motor, ultra-high-speed image acquisition system, through continuous motion scanning, image processing, visual feature matching recognition, to realize the cardboard counting statistics;
  2. The maximum height can be 1960mm scanning, to achieve pallet transportation, reduce the counting, trapping, stacking processes;
  3. In the factory it can be used for process handover or warehouse management; Fast and accurate in and out of the warehouse, real-time printing and report statistics;
  4. Outside the factory, it can achieve customer delivery with “zero” error, reduce customer complaint rate and cost loss; Reduce the intensity of handling labor, reduce the cost of manpower and auxiliary materials;
  5. Non-contact measurement, avoid cardboard multiple handling, stacking, reduce loss;
  6. The machine can be matched with automatic logistics, automation operation, save space, reduce the working space;
  7. Counting parameters

Working height: 0-1960mm(including pallets)

Scanning height: >0.8mm

Working speed: <10 seconds/pallet

Power: 600w.


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